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Assuring income for those who feed the world



Mobile Network Operator

Offer a differentiating product to your users

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Micro Finance Institution

Reduce your exposure and reach a new category of customers

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and NGOs

Create long-lasting rural impact

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Agriculture player

Secure your supply chain and help your partners

Product creation

We create index partnership with weather data suppliers, and use it to create parametric insurance products underwritten by a locally licensed insurance company

Added services

In addition to insurance, farmers can benefit from weather alerts, farming tips and access to affordable micro-credit. OKO bundles services together to improve the value proposition


Insurance is sold, not bought. We set-up a team of dedicated salespersons to educate and assist customers in registration. We also partner with the relevant distribution channels to make our products ubiquitous.


We build the interfaces and platforms for the different stakeholders: Policy management platform for insurance companies, apps for end-users, APIs for partners. The end product is fully automated for maximum transparency and ease of use

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About Us

OKO is a new player in the world of crop insurance. We are using new technologies in satellite imagery and weather forecasting to simplify and automatize claim management, and thus creating low-cost crop insurance for smallholder farms.

Our team combines expertise in micro-insurance, distribution in emerging markets, and risk management.

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OKO Finance Limited

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