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Job creation is the provision of new opportunities for paid employment, especially for those who are unemployed. In rural areas of emerging countries this is especially important as the youth constitutes about 37 percent of the total labor force, but make up about 60 percent of total unemployment.

How is it achieved?

New technologies have a major impact in breaking the traditional barriers to employment. Connectivity in rural areas allows people to connect with the job market, Adigital training and be paid via digital channels.


OKO takes full benefit of this trend, and offers young rural populations to become OKO representatives. They are equipped with tools and trained in-house. They then receive remuneration for their work directly on their mobile wallet. This comes as an additional or main source of income for young people often remote from large employment centres. 

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The African Development Bank granted the Job Creation Prize to OKO during the 2019 Seedstars summit in Johannesburg. This highlights the ability for OKO to provide a large number of jobs in under-served areas, which is a target for the Bank.



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