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Who is the insurance behind the OKO Product?

What crops can be covered?

OKO is registered in Mali as an agent of SUNU Assurances

OKO is available in Mali for maize, cotton, sesame, peanut, millet and sorghum

How much should I pay ?

The price depends on the location and the crop grown. We recommend paying between 12 and 20 EUR per hectare. We can also adjust the cover to the amount you pay.

Example: Insuring one hectare of maize in Bougouni costs 13.7 EUR. The insured value is then 140,000 FCFA (214 EUR)

What happens after I paid?

If you indicated a policy number, we will adjust the amount due with the amount received and inform the policy holder about the new amount due, and the value currently covered.

If you only indicated the mobile phone number of the person to insure, we will search for a policy associated to that number. If none is found, we will call the farmer to collect information from them and create a policy tailored to their need. The payment received will automatically be deducted from the amount due.

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