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Our Partners in Mali

OKO is happy to introduce their partners, Développement International DESJARDINS and SOCODEVI, responsible for the FARM project, granted by Global Affairs Canada.

SOCODEVI is a network of cooperative and mutual enterprises that shares its expertise

and know-how with its partners in developing countries to create, protect and distribute wealth.

And Development International DESJARDINS is a pioneer in the deployment

and development of microfinance around the world, they provide disadvantaged communities around the world with access

to secure, diversified financial services that fit their needs.

Aiming food security and financial Inclusion through increasing the access to financial Services to farmers, the FARM project reduces their exposure to risks.

The project provides capacity building for agricultural producers and participating financial institutions, in addition to introducing loan insurance and crop insurance programs in Mali.

When working with them, OKO makes their product scalable and together we can make a greater impact.

By 2020 when the FARM mandate will be over, we expect OKO and Allianz to be running this programme independently and in a self-sustainable manner.

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