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1300 candidates -> 1 winner: OKO

The Orange Social Venture Award for Africa and Middle East aims to reward every year the best innovative and socially responsible business projects in Africa and the Middle East. This 8th edition unfolded in two phases: first the candidates participated to a national competition, then an international jury gave a grand prize to the best national winners.

OKO arrived 3rd in the National competition in Mali, therefore qualifying for the international competition.

National award ceremony in Bamako

Orange announced on Wednesday 14 November the winners of the final stage of its competition. The ceremony was hosted with the AfricaCom Awards in Cape Town (South Africa). The winning projects were selected after careful and argumented consideration by a top level jury of experts of business ventures and information and communication technologies.

OKO was awarded the 1st prize, therefore winning the award and a financial support of EUR 25,000. Adama Kouyate was in Cape Town to receive the award.

Intenational award ceremony in Cape Town

At OKO, we couldn't be more proud and thankful. Thank you to all of you who voted for us during the competition, and all of you who supported us along the way!

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