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Index insurance product creation

OKO partners with the most advanced weather information providers, using satellite or micro-wave technologies to obtain hyper-local data that can be used to:

- define the risk with high precision, and therefore optimize the premium price

- automate the claim validation process by analysis of the historical data


Distribution tools

OKO creates innovative tools to distribute insurance in remote areas and to unbanked farmers. These tools include:

- a USSD menu that allows farmers to manage their policies from any mobile device

a mobile app, which provides a second-to-none customer experience, and is usable offline

- an API that lets partners (micro-finance institutions, for example) access relevant information securely


Insurance policy management

With a dedicated tool that connects to mobile payment platforms, weather information providers and our distribution tools, managing hundreds of sales agents and millions of policies becomes easy.

OKO's solution includes:

- Performance monitoring tool

- Secured policy archiving

- Reporting tools for regulators

and much more

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