Title: Actuary

Status: Full-Time


OKO is looking for a full-time actuary to join the team. The actuary will be in charge of:

  • Developing a tool to accurately measure weather risks at a local scale, using historical satellite data.

  • Develop algorithm to predict yield loss due to adverse weather, based on historical yield data and weather data.

  • Obtain validation from our partnering insurer for the insurance product designed.

  • Plan a long-term strategy to improve OKO’s capacity to protect farmers (new inputs, machine-learning, dynamic calculations etc.).

  • Develop front-end interface for OKO’s user management platform (CRUD)

  • Work with product manager to design UX/UI for the platform

  • Work with backend-end developer to integrate APIs in the web app

  • Write test cases for all code and ensure best practices




  • Fluent in English

  • Degree in Actuarial Science or advanced statistics

  • Statistics (optimisation, linear, linear programming, stochastic processes)

  • Programming (R or Python)

  • Artificial Intelligence (neural network, random forest, ...)

  • Previous experience in agricultural insurance




  • Competitive salary based on experience

  • Can include stock options

To apply, send us an email with your CV and a short paragraph explaining your motivation  to